The Parklands

Trails and Secrets from the National Parks of the United States
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A fresh view of North America’s stunning natural wonders.
Yosemite. Grand Canyon. Death Valley. Big Sur. Covering a remarkable 84 million acres rich in wildlife and histories, these astonish- ing spaces brim with natural wonders. Home to the world’s tallest trees, the largest carnivores, colossal waterfalls, and plantlife as far as the eye can see, National Parks are American not only in scale. They are an intrinsic part of the culture and landscape.
The Parklands takes you on a thrilling tour in every direction, with a special focus on sustainable, low-impact exploration. Whether you like birdwatching, hiking, stargazing, or simply forest bathing, this book gives you essential information, along with quirky facts, to help plan your own adventures in the American wild. Buckle up your boots, hit the trail, and remember: leave no trace.
What to expect:
– The first book by Parks Project, a leading company in the world of conservation, environmental advocacy, and education.
– Original photography mixed in with exceptional archive material.
– A collection of stories, trails, routes, and more, curated with a youthful approach.
– Practical information about best practices for a sustainable and low-impact visit.

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ISBN 9783967040296
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 12.07.2022
Umfang 368 Seiten
Genre Sachbücher/Kunst, Literatur/Fotokunst
Format Hardcover
Verlag Die Gestalten Verlag
Gastredaktion Parks Project
Herausgegeben von gestalten, Andrea Servert, Robert Klanten
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