The law of the streets

He, who hits first, cannot be beaten
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The law of the streets, he who hits first cannot be beaten, is not a new invention. The law of the streets has been around as long as violent confrontations have existed.
On the basis of interviews with street fighters, I would like to illustrate that only he who takes the opportunity to hit first can win.
Dealing with fear, self-control and breaking down one’s inhibitions to strike first are essential components in this book; likewise acquiring techniques which will help you to win when faced with a violent confrontation on the streets.
This book is for all those who have thought about self-defense on the streets. This book is to help you sensitize yourself for violent confrontations. I would also like to explain how street fighters think and act. You will learn that all street fighters have one thing in common: they all know the law of the streets:
He who hits first cannot be beaten.
Translated from german book: "Das Gesetz der Straße" (ISBN: 978-3-9816435-0-3).

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