Regeneration and Biofilmmanagement

Scientific & Clinical Cases
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Today thorough and regular aftercare and hence biofilm management are decisive factors for ensuring longterm success in implant placement. In addition to esthetic improvement of the oral situation, this is the major concern of patients who need to invest a considerable amount of money for successful rehabilitation. The avoidance and successful treatment of peri-implant disease are essential to eliminate implant loss and ensure implant placement in the long term. Although scientific studies about photodynamics in the field of general medicine and in the dental sector have been carried out for approx. 15 years, this subject is still a trendsetting innovation for dentistry. Both regenerative therapies and the antimicrobial photodynamic therapy are scientifically and clinically documented in this highly useful compilation and provide incentives and ideas for the daily work in the practices of experienced users.

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Erscheinungsdatum 05.03.2015
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