The economy of the future

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This book describes capitalism as an irrational system and its economic cycles as artificial. Its booms and busts are on the one hand the end result of the everyday games and gambles taking place in the casino of the markets, and, on the other hand the fruits of the growing usurious nature of the system. Capitalism's immoral and unethical social distribution has harmful consequences made obvious in the severe indebtedness of households, and in the stress and fear common in the workplace. Many working and middle class households are left below a socially acceptable level of income and must resort to credit and borrowing as the ultimate means of making ends meet.
Ours is a world where profit and its endless maximization is the main social value. In the process of continuous profit seeking, it is a system that considers the waste and destruction of human capital and the depletion of the environment less of a concern. The economy of the future is an attempt to bring a sustainable solution to this state of affairs.
A sustainable solution requires us to find ways to balance the interests of business and its stakeholders with those of employees and the community as a whole. By extension, this also means the environment, upon which every community depends for its very survival. This book undertakes a survey of the current economic situation and then offers an introduction to a proposed solution to the many problems we face. It is a solution that cooperatively engages businesses, employees and the community.

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