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When you are onto a higher frequency, you are in a different world. The people you are still dealing with do not understand your shift into a better frequency. Because their frequency is different, they gonna tell you: "You are crazy." Most BILLIONAIRES do not earn money in one place. They earn it exclusively through passive income. The wealthiest people do not work. You do not earn billions of money by working a nine-to-five job; that´s a false concept. You should embrace and love what you do. You should do the work for your inner satisfaction. The former King of Pop did not do the work just to earn money. He enjoyed creating and then performing his art. Michael Jordan did not work for the money; he worked for his inner frequency that vibrated through the scores on the basketball court. You cannot fire LeBron James from his work as a basketball player; he does the preparation behind the scenes because he programed himself to win everytime he enters the basketball court. He sets the frequency behind the scene, and thus, he is able to vibrate as the best player on the field.
Your spiritual DNA is perfect. It is the most perfect masterpiece the Lord (=Creator) has ever fashioned. There is a marvelous inner world within a man, and the revallation of such a world enables a man to do, to obtain and achieve anything he desirers within the bounds or limits of nature. Everywhere we go in nature we see perfect order. The body you are living in has been designed to function on principles according to nature. Your body is the perfect instrument to do what ever you wanna do in combination with your subconscious mind. The human body is a mass of energy; it´s a mass of molecules and high-speed vibration. And when the body does not vibrate with the principle of the law of our creator (= The Lord), it breaks down. By the time your body vibrates in harmony, it is alive and functions to its full capacity; it can automatically move to the right frequency to become a BILLIONAIRE. Your spiritual DNA is perfect; it requires no modification or improvement. The center of our consciousness is perfection; there is absolute perfection locked up within us, and that perfection is always seeking expression through perfection. With and through us there is something in us that wants to be expressed in a greater way. If you run - you wish to run faster. Whatever you do, there is something in you that wants to do better. Some people try a few times and then they fail and they choose to give up and quit.
Unleash your inner beast. Nobody can obtain their ambitions until they learn to discipline their mental force and are able to control their thinking. You must learn to work with the law of the frequency that lets you vibrate as a BILLIONAIRE. It´s how you bring your mind into harmony with the law; it´s about letting off things of a lower nature, so that we can receive things of a higher nature.
The greatest in the world have spent years studying what they do; the greatest musicians have spent years perfecting their skills; the greatest have spent years training and perfecting their skills. There is no luck in winning repeatedly if you are a professional athlete. You’re never gonna get higher things for nothing. You must sacrifice your time to study the world’s greatest so that you can become greater. The whole universe functions on an equation of principles. The law applies to every person everywhere. Five apples plus five apples equals always ten apples.- that is a law. Get in harmony and study the law / equation of a BILLIONAIRE. If you understand that you have to work twice a day to understand the harmony of a law, what it takes to be a BILLIONAIRE, it becomes a habitual behavior. Everything we do is in control of our paradigm habits. A paradigm is a habit of good or strange behavior. If we WANT to change our LIFE so that we can become a BILLIONAIRE, we must understand that we ought to change our paradigm. It is crucially important to sacrifice the habit of our financial broke nature, for our higher BILLIONAIRE subconscious mindset. You gonna realize how important discipline is. It is a discipline that is constantly being chosen; you have to choose it. Nobody else can do it, or give it to you; it comes from deep within. You have to choose the pain of discipline; nobody else is going to do it for you; it comes from deep within. If you are not willing to sacrifice your old subconscious mindset to the mindset of a billionaire by reading books and taking actions, you probably won´t get financially better. If you WANT to lose weight, you must sacrifice your habit of eating to much food, if you don´t give it up you are never going to get a brilliant body shape or better health. Additionally, you must do a little bit of sport; going to the gym is a tool that lets your body vibrate, so that it stays in shape. Discipline yourself and start living in harmony with this new frequency that will let you vibrate into your new form of a body shape.

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