Interface Critique / Depth of field

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The terminological strength of the film and photography concept “depth of field” cand be applied as a powerful leitmotif to think about interfaces. Where and how can we find or create new and surprising relations between the surface and its depth? Where and how can we design experiences that are open rather than narrowly focused on functional user flow – experiences that allow for unexpected events to occur and which foster serendipity? How can we think about and focus on the depth of the interface? In other words, how can we render visible the numerous layers that are hidden behind the interface? The perspectives gathered in this journal issue access the notion of the interface from different angles and in various levels of depth. Some go deep beyond the surface and look into the algorithms, into the code and shine a light on that which usually remains hidden in the opacity of the inside. Some focus on a specific aspect of the surface, like a long continuous shot that reveals details or significant shifts. And some render the interface transcendent and other-worldly through its appearance.

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ISBN 9783985010233
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 22.09.2021
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Herausgegeben von Florian Hadler, Daniel Irrgang, Alice Soiné
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