Awesome Facts for Potter Fans – The Unofficial Collection

The Encyclopedia of Secret Knowledge about the Most Famous Wizard
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(Re-) Discover the World of Magic!

The many mysteries and wonders of the most famous wizard are mostly kept secret – until now.
In this book, Harry Potter fans learn numerous facts about the world of wizards and witches. Funny, bizarre, or simply stunning – even the biggest fan will learn something new.
The No. 1 Bestseller in Germany

Whether for yourself or as a present for a friend, every Harry Potter fan would love to know more about the magical world and its residents – background information and everything there is to know about Hogwarts, Harry, and his world.
Did You Know?

Daniel Radcliffe was in the bath when he got the call about getting the role of Harry Potter.
Malfoy actor Tom Felton had such a bad sweet tooth that his cloak’s pocket had to be sewn shut.
K. Rowling had to change her name to publish the book.
Accio, Facts!

Nearly 400 outstanding facts about the wizarding world make this book a must-have for every Potterhead. It will make you laugh, shake your head in disbelief, or simply leave you stunned and amazed.

There are over 400 facts about the world of magic.
Even the biggest Potter Fans did not know about these facts and trivia.
Funny, bizarre, and amazing – these facts are surprising.
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