Raphael in Reproductions

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This book focuses on reproductions and the reception of Raphael. The debate around reproductions touches on several aspects of visual studies. From a manual copy to digital photographic reproductions, these images can involve debates about image circulation, aesthetic mediation, museological and curatorial registry, cultural structions and, very often, instrumentalization of an original work and its multiple values. The studies included in the volume cover many of these aspects, focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, before the advent of the digital image. This period marks the development of the idea of high fidelity in art reproductions as well as the widespread diffusion of popular, cheap images related to art history.

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ISBN 9783985953486
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Erscheinungsdatum 17.08.2022
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Genre Kunst
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Verlag Nova MD
Herausgegeben von Patricia Meneses, Villa Vigoni Editore | Verlag
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