Ludvig Holberg: PLAYS, Volume II

Zille Hans-daughter’s Gynaicologia, or Defence of Womankind Erasmus Montanus Witchcraft, or False Alarm
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Ludvig Holberg (1684–1754) is to Danish theatre what Shakespeare, Molière and Strindberg are to their national stages – and the world stage. During his lifetime, Holberg was a major figure in European literature and thought. In the Nordic region, his work forms the backdrop to writers such as Søren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen, Henrik Ibsen and Karen Blixen.
This second volume in a series of ne w translations presents two of Holberg’s witty plays about playing roles, in life and in the theatre,
and his satire about the man-made setting in which the roles live: his ‘feminist’ defence of women’s equal right to education and
employment. With introductions and brief notes.

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ISBN 9783990940334
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 12.12.2022
Umfang 208 Seiten
Genre Belletristik/Dramatik
Format Hardcover
Verlag Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag
Übersetzung Gaye Kynoch
Herausgegeben von Bent Holm