Finding Your Safety Net

Do Having Faith, Being Baptized, and Taking Communion Have Value? Revised and Expanded
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Are you searching for a survival tool that is unconditional, reliable, and unique for you? Have you been baptized, but you have questions about it? Are you struggling to accept what you know to be true because you can't verify it? In Finding Your Safety Net, Glen W. Covert offers an encouraging and inspiring, spiritual how-to guide that leads to a tool which can help you overcome personal, occupational, and existential crises. A former agnostic and atheist, he shares his journey to discover the unique survival tool he was seeking.
For everyone, especially agnostics and atheists, Glen describes what convinced him to have faith.
For believers in Jesus, his gives compelling reasons for why you can survive depression and spiritual attacks.
Glen chronicles his story of survival in five testimonies. He discusses:
• how he know that souls and spirits exist,
• how he came to believe in God,
• how he came to believe in the Christian God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
• why he decided Christian baptism and Communion are for him, and
• a truth he discovered about the genealogies of John the Baptist and Paul the Apostle.
Finding Your Safety Net provides solid insight into central topics in Christianity to help you find your survival tool or become more resilient, anchored, and unshakable in your Christian faith.

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Genre Sachbücher/Psychologie, Esoterik, Spiritualität, Anthroposophie/Sonstiges
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