Sustainable Jewellery (Updated Edition)

Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand
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Sustainable Jewellery contains all there is to know in order to start down the path towards sustainability in the jewellery business, from the traceability of gems and metals to responsible production, the impact of the purification, smelting and polishing processes, and the greenest ways to work with certified raw materials. In the jewellery industry and beyond, consumers are demanding products that are ethical, handcrafted, personal, and created with respect for the environment. This implies a sustainability strategy that takes into account the entire supply and sales chain, from the extraction of metals to the materials used as packaging. Updated texts and chapters include the latest developments in sustainable jewellery, with new case studies and fresh interviews with international designers and firms who are already creating ethical, responsible jewellery. With an introduction written by jeweller and activist Greg Valerio, this book is a unique and essential guide for all designers who want to ensure their products are ethical, sustainable and respectful of the environment.

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