Autistic Amanda

A conversation on autism
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With an easy-to-read text and good illustrations, the book leads us into the world of autism and provides an easy-to-understand introduction to autism and gives us an understanding of what it is like to have autism.
The book can e.g., be used if you have a child / young person with autism, and need to talk to the child / young person, siblings, grandparents or friends about what autism is and how it affects your life.
It can be used if you, as an adult autist, have to tell your own children, bonus children and others about the challenges and superpowers of autism.
In short, the book can be used when you want to know more about - and create more understanding of autism.
The author of the book is autistic herself and it appears from the book that she knows what she is talking about when she talks about autism.
The book provides many examples of what can be challenges for the autistic and for the family,
and it constantly allows readers to have their own experiences with autism
challenges that can be written into the book.
The book also describes that autism is not only challenging, but can also have good sides and give the autis-tic some resources that can be used constructively.
The book is kept in a positive spirit, which makes the reader more positive towards autism, and thus less negative and less timid.
Professionals can use the book to talk to parents and / or children / adolescents about what autism is, and parents can talk to their children / adolescents about it.

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ISBN 9788743046738
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Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Sachbücher, Sachbilderbücher/Religion, Philosophie, Psychologie
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