Football Baby Names

Your Child is Born a Champion with a Name Like This
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Future parents have many choices to make.
Which colour should we paint the room? Do we
give birth at home or in the hospital? And, most
importantly: what will be the name of the baby?
Evidently, you would like to pick a name that
gives the child a headstart, that might even raise
expectations and ultimately, a name that suits
the successful and fabulous human being it will
evolve into.
In bygone days, children were named after
Biblical or heroic figures. But where do you
find modern-day heroes? On the football field,
of course! Names like Jari, Lionel, Cristiano or
Johan – they immediately evoke an emotion or
an image. With these football names your baby is
ahead of the game.
• the perfect gift book for fathers-to-be
• addresses two distinct target groups: Football
Fans and Modern-day Parents
• beautifully illustrated in a catchy graphic

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