Swedish Hockey Drills for Kids

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Hockey drills are available in large quantities, but usually for the slightly older hockey players, but how do the younger players get a good start to their hockey careers? In this category, hockey drills for the younger ones or hockey drills for kids or children, there are not as many suggestions for basic, but developing hockey drills.
At the same time, it is also often here that, many hockey coaches start their coaching path and educate themselves during the journey. There it may be good and often necessary with a little help with hockey drills for the early hockey practice, which you will go directly to from work.
Putting an exact age on for whom the hockey drills in the book are suitable for, is not possible because it is related to the level of competence. What you can say is that the hockey drills in the book are suitable for the youngest 5-6 years and up and that some 10-13-year old would definitely benefit from doing several of the drills, to develop as hockey players now and later.
The emphasis in the hockey drills is on skating, and even though we are talking about the younger hockey players, there are match-like elements built into many of the practices in a basic format.
There are also many simpler competition elements in the drills, because that is what it will ultimately be about in the matches, to compete on the ice, first to the puck as a first basic element.
Two other important elements covered by the hockey drills are the first steps towards an interaction in the form of movement and passes and of course what we strive for with each attack, to shoot to score a goal!

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