Governing Enterprises in China

Corporate Boards, Ownership and Markets
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This book examines the nature of the marketization of corporate boards following the introduction of the split share reform, corporate board and shareholder relations, corporate performance, and risk-taking conduct in China. The chapters cover topics such as determinants of corporate board size and independence, corporate risk-taking conduct under different controlling shareholder types. The book deepens our understanding of corporate governance mechanisms as most previous studies have limited their findings using mainstream perspectives grounded on neoclassical theory. It outlines that China’s corporate board composition is determined by the board’s scope of operation, monitoring, bargaining power, and other governance mechanisms and regulations. It also offers a comparison between China’s experience with other economies in general and other transition economies in particular. As such, the book represents an essential overview of the current concerns regarding corporate governance in China. It is of great interest to legal researchers, policymakers, and legal practitioners working with business investments in China.

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ReiheDynamics of Asian Development
ISBN 9789811631184
Sprache Englisch
Ausgabe 1st ed. 2021
Erscheinungsdatum 26.06.2022
Umfang 165 Seiten
Genre Soziologie/Sonstiges
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Verlag Springer Singapore
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