Proceedings of 2021 International Conference on Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnosis (MICAD 2021)

Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnosis
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This book covers virtually all aspects of image formation in medical imaging, including systems based on ionizing radiation (x-rays, gamma rays) and non-ionizing techniques (ultrasound, optical, thermal, magnetic resonance, and magnetic particle imaging) alike. In addition, it discusses the development and application of computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) systems in medical imaging. Also there will be a special track on computer-aided diagnosis on COVID-19 by CT and X-rays images.
Given its coverage, the book provides both a forum and valuable resource for researchers involved in image formation, experimental methods, image performance, segmentation, pattern recognition, feature extraction, classifier design, machine learning / deep learning, radiomics, CAD workstation design, human–computer interaction, databases, and performance evaluation. 

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ReiheLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
ISBN 9789811638824
Sprache Englisch
Ausgabe 1st ed. 2022
Erscheinungsdatum 16.08.2022
Umfang 439 Seiten
Genre Medizin
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Springer Singapore
Herausgegeben von Ruidan Su, Yu-Dong Zhang, Han Liu
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