Decarbonize Public and Commercial Buildings

China Building Energy and Emission Yearbook 2022
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One of the key motivations and goals for China's social and economic development is the dual carbon target. Building is one of the most important sectors to reduce emissions and save energy, accounting for more than 20% of China's primary energy consumption and carbon emissions.
This book analyzes the energy consumption of China's buildings sector in four categories, their characteristics and technologies to improve energy efficiency, and examines the greenhouse gas emissions of China's buildings, including building construction embodied emission and building operation emissions. In particular, this book discusses the ways to achieve carbon neutrality targets for China's public and commercial building sectors. This book also analyzes the energy mix, energy intensity, and technological prospects for achieving energy and carbon targets in the public and commercial building sectors.
 This book contains a large amount of survey data, monitoring data, and case studies. The debate on technologies and policies is underpinned by a variety of evidence and research that has been ongoing for more than a decade. The information, data, and policy recommendations will be of interest to a national and international audience working in the fields of energy, climate change, engineering, and building science. 

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