River Dynamics and Flood Hazards

Studies on Risk and Mitigation
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This edited book covers all aspects of River related disasters, challenges, and opportunities. Step-by-step descriptions are provided of river dynamics and associated hazards, and their applications in hazard assessments, accompanied by several experimental, filed and numerical studies. In addition, a systematic table of content is given to aid in identifying River hazards challenges and opportunities. Essential information is provided on River dynamics, hydrological processes and climate change issues, and an individual chapter is devoted to ecological restoration and river hazard management. Further topics include the stability of hydraulic structures, sediment transport, and debris flow in the hilly streams. This book will provide students, researchers, scientists, water resources managers with a comprehensive overview of the River dynamics and flood hazards in various sectors of water-related disasters and will enable them to explore the scope of application of the computational techniques and will enable them to explore the scope of River related disasters, allied branches and their field-specific problems. Professionals and policymakers may also explore the implementation of these approaches in their workplace to tackle complex river dynamics and hydrological phenomena occurring in their study area.

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ReiheDisaster Resilience and Green Growth
ISBN 9789811970993
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Ausgabe 1st ed. 2023
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