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Say That Again is a grammar and pronunciation book designed for Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced adult English learners, and it was born from Lorraine Bonython’s passion for language and teaching. Convinced that too often adults are expected to memorize new concepts as if they were children, having the same amount of time and mind structure that a child has, she created an easier, faster, and practical way to learn this language. With the onset of Covid, many companies could no longer afford to pay for English lessons for their employees and many workers no longer had the resources to pay for their own classes. Saddened that so many people who wanted to learn English could no longer do so, Lorraine decided to write this book of pronunciation techniques which makes speaking in English simple and immediate

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ISBN 9791220108515
Ausgabe 1
Erscheinungsdatum 27.08.2021
Umfang 64 Seiten
Genre Schule, Lernen/Lektüren, Interpretationen, Lektürehilfen/Sonstige Sprachen
Format Buch
Verlag Europa Edizioni srl
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