Temporal Bone Dissection Guide

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The second edition of this indispensable guide provides a step-by-step approach to learning the anatomy and principal procedures of temporal bone dissection starting with mastoidectomy and including approaches to the internal auditory canal and jugular foramen. The renowned authors share their collective wisdom and pearls gleaned from years of treating patients with temporal bone disease and teaching these methodologies to medical students, residents, and fellows. Procedural details are presented throughout 10 detailed chapters, accompanied by beautiful sequential illustrations and videos.
One of the most complex regions of the human body, the temporal bone and adjacent skull base present unique surgical challenges. Critical neurovascular structures traverse complex pathways through the temporal bone, which itself has highly variable anatomy. Tumors and erosive lesions create additional anatomical barriers that make effective access and resection of diseased areas difficult. At the same time, the surgical skills required to navigate this anatomy are indispensable to the management of ear disease and associated disability, and provide alternative approaches with less morbidity to intracranial pathology. This book presents technical and strategic considerations for safe and effective temporal bone surgery.
Key Highlights:
Videos of cadaveric and surgical dissections highlight critical technical steps and appropriate execution
More than 160 meticulous, expertly illustrated pen and ink drawings of progressive dissections
A new chapter on middle ear endoscopy details key anatomical features and technical maneuvers integral to this approach
New chapters on infratemporal surgical dissection and the intraoperative management of complications are also presented
Expanded coverage of the middle fossa approach to the internal auditory canal and methods of assessing competencies when training novice surgeons in temporal bone dissection
This is a must-have tool that will enable residents and novice surgeons to translate laboratory skills to the operating room and perform safe, efficacious and efficient dissection of the temporal bone. It is the quintessential learning guide for residents in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and skull base surgery, as well as an excellent teaching and assessment tool for faculty.

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