Compendium of Human Rights related to Migration

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By combining treaty rights and soft law instruments, this compendium provides a complete, up to date and unique overview of the existing norms related to migration in the field of human rights. It sets out migrants’ rights, protected under existing international law and based on the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the core human rights conventions. Where the rights set out in this convention do not stand on their own, this reference work provides an evident connection drawn between them, as virtually all of the migrants’ human rights are protected under one or more of the conventions. This work provides a unique overview of the Articles of these core international human rights instruments which manifestly grant rights to individual migrants and making clear cross-connections between the provisions of the core human rights treaties. Additionally, organs of global international organisations, such as the United Nations General Assembly, continue to reaffirm the importance of the provisions of the human rights treaties in their resolutions, declarations or decisions. By articulating specific plans of action for the proper implementation of the binding human rights provisions, this legal source, also known as soft law instruments play an important role in this compendium. These treaty rights and soft law instruments combined make that this reference work provides for an all-inclusive overview of existing migrants’ human rights. By regularly updating this work to the latest developments in international human rights and migration law, it remains to be a comprehensive booklet suitable for scholars, students, governments and practitioners alike.

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