The Law of Crypto Assets

A Handbook
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The book
We are currently witnessing a revolution in the financial markets. While Bitcoin has been around for some time, new blockchain-based ‘tokens' have recently emerged, offering new ways of fundraising for businesses of all sizes. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become an alternative to the traditional investments for private and institutional investors. Market insiders and academics alike agree that these new ‘crypto assets', commonly referred to as currency tokens, investment tokens and utility tokens, have the potential to change the shape of the financial market landscape significantly.
Despite its innovative potential, the legal status of crypto assets is still uncertain. Are ICOs subject to prospectus disclosure requirements? How can anti-money laundering laws be applied to virtual currencies? Does selling tokens to private persons trigger the application of consumer protection laws? The private law of which country applies to international token transactions? Do token-related services require authorization by national regulators, and if so, the national regulators of which country?
The advantages at a glance"The Law of Crypto Assets" provides an in-depth examination of all issues emerging from the use of crypto assets in the European includes, inter alia, an introduction to the technology and economics of crypto assets, as well as twelve chapters on the relevant EU laws, such as consumer protection, private international law, securities and banking regulation, taxation and data protection.the book also provides country reports for important crypto markets, for example the US, Singapore, Germany, France and Australia.
The target group
For in-house lawyers, tax advisors, academics and lawyers working in business law.

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Genre Recht/Handelsrecht, Wirtschaftsrecht
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Sonstige Bearbeitung von Philipp Maume, Lena Maute, Andrew Dahdal, Marco Dell'Erba, Michael Denga, Bendedikt Downar, Mathias Fromberger, Christoph Gschnaidtner, Lars Haffke, Veronica R. S. Hoch, Sebastiaan Niels Hooghiemstra, Pawee Jenweeranon, Markus Kaulartz, Mario Keiling, Jasmin Kollmann, Joseph Lee, Philipp Maume, Lena Maute, Tanja Niedernhuber, Anika Patz, Christina Delia Preiner, Daniel Schmid, Florian Schramm, Benedikt Seiler, Björn Steinrötter, Samantha Tang, Annabelle Walker, Gordon Walker, Jan Max Wettlaufer, Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht, Peter Zickgraf
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