The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

A Commentary
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The book
The Charter enshrines the key political, social and economic rights of EU citizens and residents in EU law. It obliges the EU to act and legislate consistently with the Charter, and enables the EU's courts to strike down EU legislation which contravenes it. It applies to EU Member States when they are implementing EU law but does not extend the competences of the EU beyond the competences given to it in the treaties.
The new edition
of the first commentary of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in English, written by experts from several EU Member States, provides an authoritative but succinct statement of how the Charter impacts upon EU, domestic and international law.
Following the conventional article-by-article approach, each commentator offers an expert view of how each article is either already being interpreted in the courts, or is likely to be interpreted. Each commentary is referenced to the case law and is augmented with extensive references to further reading. Cross-cutting chapters explore questions such as accession, implementation, the Charter and the General Court, and fundamental social rights.

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ISBN 9783406769658
Ausgabe 2., Second Edition
Erscheinungsdatum 14.12.2021
Umfang 1968 Seiten
Genre Recht/Internationales Recht, Ausländisches Recht
Format Hardcover
Verlag C.H.Beck
Herausgegeben von Steve Peers, Tamara Hervey, Jeff Kenner, Angela Ward
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