Do it with Zen - A manual for stress management

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The book “Do it with Zen” is a practical guide with direct relevance to everyday life. Selected quotes and stories from Asia bridge the gap between Eastern wisdom and Western lifestyle. The author points out the basic principles of Zen teachings and transfers them to people's habits – the world of work, family, and everyday life are the focus of observation. The methods, which are additionally presented as exercises, can be summarised as consciousness techniques. Successfully applied, they can have a preventative effect against stress. With mental strength we can rise to crises and changes; some tools associated with this can be trained in a simple way! This book captivates through its simplicity and the selection of practice-oriented thoughts. The author has a professional medical-therapeutic background, so that the Western health teachings are supplemented with useful practices in a meaningful and consistent way. The book “Do it with Zen” contains effective suggestions for coping with stress and illustrates the way our brain works. A compact guidebook with Far Eastern ways of thinking and practical everyday examples, written in a way that everyone can understand. Each chapter contains exercises to train successful stress management. Improve your mindfulness through meditation and reflection. Successful training for mental strength and resilience. Buddhist way of thinking for a stress-free life and a better work-life balance. Connecting Zen wisdom and everyday life. Self-coaching book for better perception and awareness. Becoming a creator of everyday life with self-efficacy. Well-founded knowledge from psychology, therapy and brain research. Also a great gift idea for stressed people, people looking for more quality of life or for dear friends, acquaintances, and colleagues!

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