Sustaining Musical Instruments / Food and Instrumental Music

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This 7th volume of SIMP is dedicated to two large themes that were discussed in the last Study Group Symposium held online and arranged by the Music Faculty of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in March 2021: ``Re-invention and Sustainability of Musical Instruments'' and ``Instrumental Music and Food''.
Thirteen contributions were compiled in this volume relating to the first theme, while seven contributions were chosen to represent the second.
The first part of the contributions illustrates that musical instruments have a long and regionally intertwined history. Often it is hard to say who invented a specific type first as well as to answer if musical instruments were used symbolically or supported in any way supported regional cultural aspects, or what feature of musical instruments had the strongest impact on local developments.
The last seven contributions deal with various phenomena such as banquet music, ritual music and food offerings, instrumental ambience music, and festivals.

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