Transottoman Matters

Objects Moving through Time, Space, and Meaning
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This volume analyzes historical processes of mobility by focusing on material objects. Mobility—as a shorthand for various related processes such as migration, transfer, entanglement, and translation—involves human actors, immaterial elements such as ideas and knowledge, but also objects in various forms and functions. For example, as material infrastructures they are the basis for transport and travel; as goods they are the object and purpose of trade or gift exchange. By focusing on the way objects determined certain processes of mobility and how their social meaning and materiality was transformed in these processes, the contributors hope to gain deeper insight into the historical relations between the Ottoman Empire, Eastern Europe, and Persia.

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ISBN 9783847111689
Ausgabe 1. Edition 2022
Erscheinungsdatum 06.12.2021
Umfang 327 Seiten
Genre Geschichte/Neuzeit bis 1918
Format Hardcover
Verlag V&R unipress
Herausgegeben von Arkadiusz Blaszczyk
Herausgegeben von Stephanie Armer, Arkadiusz Christoph Blaszczyk, Robert Born, Albrecht Fuess, Eva Hanke, Anja Kregeloh, Alexander Osipian, Anthony T. Quickel, Florian Riedler, Stefan Rohdewald, Mehmet Tepeyurt, Robert Born, Florian Riedler
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