Demographics of the Cold Universe with ALMA

From Interstellar and Circumgalactic Media to Cosmic Structures
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This book presents the cold side of the Universe illustrated by the rest-frame, far-infrared emission with Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The author constructed the largest-ever ALMA sample and dataset, which enables them to identify very faint, rest-frame, far-infrared dust continuums as well as the carbon fine-structure line emission from distant galaxies that have been missed in previous surveys. The observational findings described in this book reveal for the first time where and how much of the star formation, traced by the rest-frame far-infrared emission, is ongoing, from inter-stellar and circum-galactic media to cosmic structures. Moreover, since some of the findings are unexpected and as such challenge the current galaxy formation models, the book provides exciting questions that should be addressed in the next decades.

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