Experimental Research of Cavity Optomechanics

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This thesis presents experimental research on the interaction between the optical field and the mechanical oscillator in whispering-gallery mode microcavities. It demonstrates how optomechanical interactions in a microresonator can be used to achieve non-magnetic non-reciprocity and develop all-optically controlled non-reciprocal multifunctional photonic devices. The thesis also discusses the interaction between the travelling optical and mechanical whispering-gallery modes, paving the way for non-reciprocal light storage as a coherent, circulating acoustic wave with a lifetime of up to tens of microseconds. Lastly, the thesis presents a high-frequency phase-sensitive heterodyne vibrometer, operating up to 10 GHz, which can be used for the high-resolution, non-invasive mapping of the vibration patterns of acoustic devices. The results presented here show that optomechanical devices hold great potential in the field of information processing.

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